The virtual rebutton as app

The rebutton App

Tap it. Get it.

With the rebutton App users can easily create "virtual" rebutton with arbitrary products from participating online shops and manage them in one app. With the slogan "Tap it. Get it." users can order those products with one single "Tap".

The process of applying the virtual rebutton is easy. In the first step the user chooses an online store, for which he wants to create a rebutton. After the selection all products approved by the shopowner appear in an overview list.

With the help of a search function, the user can then easily and conveniently find the product, can see all the product details and specify the amount he would like to order. In a final step the user then needs to enter his login information and can then create the rebutton. With this confirmation the product then lands on the home page of the app, appearing with all already created rebutton in a list.

With a "Tap" the product moves upward in the purchase area and then the necessary online shopping "Buy" button appears. When the user "taps" this button the product is bought. In this way, users can easily creaty any number of items in any number of different online shops as virtual rebutton.

The rebutton App is available for free in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Using the app, users can create as many virtual rebutton on their smartphone with all participating online shops and their products and order with a "Tap".

How it works

The rebutton App

Starting the app for the first time no rebutton has been created yet. Using the adding icon (+) users can create virtual rebutton.

In the first step all online shops participating in the rebutton service are listed.

After the selection the user receives a list of products which has been released for the rebutton service by the shopowner.

In the final step, the customer must enter his unique login information. If he later adds more rebutton of this store he does not need to re-enter his login information.

Now the configuration is complete and the product is set as a rebutton on the home page of the app. By a simple "Tap" on the rebutton it jumps into the "GET IT." area.

Now the product is in the "GET IT." area and can be ordered by a "Tap" on the "BUY NOW!" button.

Several items from different stores can be put into the "GET IT." area and ordered at the same time.

Physical and virtual rebutton

use the same plug-ins

The technical operation is identical as in the physical rebutton concept. The rebutton, whether physically or virtually, couples the online shop and the user profile using the rebutton server and executes the order. The integration of the rebutton services needs a plugin which is available for every online store software.

For the user the app and the service is free. The shopowners only has to pay commission costs in case of purchase of products via its online shop over the rebutton.