Online orders with a single push of a button

The rebutton

is an innovative order channel enabling orders by pressing a button

The core of the rebutton concept is making a physical button avaiable that can automatically place an ordner at a participating online store by pressing the button using wifi. While the Amazon Dash Button only allows shopping in the Amazon Shop the rebutton concept goes one large step further.

Firstly, the concept is open to all shop systems and thus for all online shops worldwide. On the other hand, the concept offers users the opportunity to determine themselves what or which products to purchase over rebutton.

The rebutton in-house developed by Braintags offers shop owners and customers greater flexibility than the competing product from the United States through its open platform. The rebutton is an innovative order channel enabling orders by pressing a button - independently of the store engine being used.

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Shop owners need two things

One or more rebutton and the rebutton plugin for their own online shop. The latter can be either downloaded here on the Downloads page and only needs to be integrated in the shop software by the technical service or it must be requested. This can be created by Braintags or any other technical service providers.

The plugin is responsible for ensuring that the rebutton knows for what online store it is allowed to execute orders. The rebutton receives a unique store identifier from Braintags when delivered to the customers. This identifier in combination with the shop plugin then ensures that the rebutton can only be used for the respecitve online shop.

If the customer then gets the rebutton it must be coupled one-time with the online store by using the free rebutton connect app. As soon as the coupling is carried out the user can configure the rebutton in the online shop's profile area. Whether a product or a product list can be defined by the end user.

As soon as the rebutton is configured the user can order with a single button press. A confirmation email is sent to the customer in which he at any tme may cancel the order again if he wants to.

Your logo on the rebutton

The perfect brand presentation

What you can see here is the standard rebutton. For shop-owners we surely offer the option to label the button with their individual brand- or company-logo.

Our in-house-designers, as well as our production-partners are here for you, to make you an offer, giving your individual rebutton its own look and stlye.

Just let us know!

Simple configuration

in the participating online shops

After the one-time coupling between the rebutton and your own Wifi the reboutton can be configured with a single product or - in difference to the Amazon Dash Button - with a list of products. While the coupling app rebutton connect is used for the initial coupling of the rebutton with your Wifi, the configuration can be done in the online shop or as well by using the rebutton connect app.

Unless permitted by the respective online shop, customers can also specify whether an order is executed delayed and whether they want the rebutton to be banned for further orders after an executed order.