Simple plugin integration in every shop system worldwide

Very easy

coupling and configuration process

The initial coupling and configuration of the rebutton is simple and intuitive. An order is then initiated with a single click or a "Tap" each time when required.

For both versions require four components, the rebutton server and your online shop are required for both variants.

Offer your customers an innovative order channel and gain advantages over your competitors. Get the rebutton - either the physical or the virtual one (or of course both if you want to)

The following 4 components are required


rebutton connect

App for iOS and Android

The rebutton server is the central control unit of theentire rebutton concept. It manages all provided shop plugings and all active rebutton. All transactions are executed as a cloud service using the rebutton Server.

We operate a data center in Germany and guarantee high availability and absolute security.


Online shop plugin

Open to any shop system

The fourth component is the shop and the necessary plugin - no matter whether you use Magento, hybris, xt:Commerce, intershop, shopware, demandware or one of the many other online shop systemes: Either we have the right plug-in that allows you to prepare your online shop in no time for the use of the rebutton or we create it along with you.

Fact: The rebutton concept of Braintags is compatible with any shop software.